Fall Theme Monthly Bullet Journal Setup for September 2022

Even though it is the end of September, I still want to share my September 2022 Monthly Bullet Journal setup. The year is quickly coming to an end, and October is in just a few days. Of course, you could also use this September layout and the spreads I used for another month. Picking your theme, color palette, and page designs can often be the most challenging part of creating your monthly bullet journal setup. Once you have those components figured out, bringing your monthly spread to life will be much easier. 

If you'd like to see the full youtube video on my bullet journal setup for September click here


Since fall starts in September and the leaves start to change, I decided to use a fall leaves theme for my bullet journal this month. I also added a touch of stationery to my theme because I picked up bullet journaling again after taking a break over the summer. So, I was excited to get back into it and use my stationery again. 














Different Theme Ideas for Your September Bullet Journal

  • Stationery theme
  • Abstract theme
  • Floral theme
  • Minimal theme
  • Cactus Theme
  • Mushroom there
  • Leaves theme


Quote Page 

I typically start and end my monthly layouts with a quote page. Adding quote pages adds extra inspiration and art to your bullet journal. I love to search Pinterest and find quotes that fit my theme and mood for the month.

Cover Page 

 Cover pages are a great way to start your month. It shows you're entering a new chapter and introduces your theme for the month. I always create a cover page for my monthly layout. Your cover and quote pages are visual spreads and add to your overall theme. 



Calendar Page  

Calendar pages are a must for me. I love using them because they help me map out my month. I keep track of bills, meetings, holidays, birthdays, and events during the month. So I decided to cut off the end of my September calendar page and have my habit tracker gradient design exposed. 


Monthly Overview

I use a monthly overview to glance at my goals, affirmations, reminders, master to-do, and books I want to read that month. It's a good reminder of my intentions for the month and keeps me on track to fulfill them. 



Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are a helpful tool to hold you accountable for the tasks you want to become habitual. You can make them hundreds of ways to fit your theme and preferences. What you track is up to you. I picked five habits I wanted to keep track of, and I love using a habit tracker because it keeps me motivated. Filling it in every day is a satisfying accomplishment, and on the days I don’t make a habit, I am more motivated to get it done the next day and get back on track. 

Mood Tracker 

Mood trackers are great for tracking your emotions throughout the month. It helps me to be more in tune with my feelings and pinpoint what made me happy or upset on certain days. You can also get creative with mood trackers, which is why I love them so much. I used not to pay attention to my moods daily, but a mood tracker makes it easier to see how I’m feeling throughout the month. Creating this stationery mood tracker was so fun, and it is by far my favorite mood tracker I’ve ever made and filled in.


Gratitude Log 

Gratitude logs have become essential to my bullet journal layouts. It is so important to show gratitude and be grateful for the things and people you have in your life. It is sometimes also called “one line a day,” and they both essentially mean writing one line or sentence about what you are grateful for each day. Gratitude is all about being appreciative of what you have in your life. Regularly practicing gratitude can help improve your mental health, self-love, and confidence. I use the same spread layout monthly and change the title and colors.


Weekly Spreads

A weekly spread is a one or two-page time spread in your bullet journal that uses day boxes, tracker boxes, and single boxes to track your tasks and to-do list over seven days. You make your spread at the beginning of the month or week and fill it in with what you have going on that day. There are many ways to create a weekly spread, and I have a Youtube Video on how you can recreate the weekly spreads I made for September. 


Recap pages help reflect on your month; the good, bad, and the ugly. I like to write about everything that happened during the month, what I learned, and what I can do better next month. For me, it serves as a more specific brain dump, so I keep it simple with a title at the top and leave the rest of the page to write. 


Bullet journaling can be an effective planner tool that can help you to create a personalized planner. I hope this bullet journal layout, spreads, and designs help and inspire you to create your future bullet journal spreads.


What themes do you like to use in your bullet journal? Comment below; I’d love to hear your ideas for different spreads throughout the year.

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